Carbohydrates Food List

                              Carbohydrates food list.

Firstly Green Carbohydrates Food List. These are the healthiest  of the 3. Especially for people wanting to reduce their body fat. They normally grow above ground.

Carbohydrates Food List
Low-carb vegetables.


Secondly, Beige Carbohydrates Food List.

ThirdlyWhite Carbohydrates Food List.

Overweight people and dedicated slimmer’s can benefit from knowing more about carbohydrates especially if they have high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

Doctor Maasarani’s, BBC article explains the 3 different types of carbs as BEIGE, WHITE, GREEN.

Starch, sugar and fibre.

Carbs provide us with energy.

 BEIGE CARBOHYDRATES – Bread, pasta, potatoes and rice are beige carbs which are not healthy.

WHITE CARBOHYDRATES –  Also best avoided.  Sugary foods, fizzy drinks, sweets, biscuits and processed refined foods.

Most of the starch and sugar in the beige and white carbs are broken down to glucose which is then used up as energy, the rest is stored as fat.

Cut down or abstain from Flour product, rice, potatoes, pasta, processed grains especially breakfast cereals and bread.

Increase food like cauliflower rice, celeriac, sweet potatoes, rye or pumpernickel bread Eggs, meat, fish, nuts and legumes, brightly coloured vegetables and salads, green leafy salads, Aubergines tomatoes various nuts and most fruit.

GREEN CARBOHYDRATES – This is dietary fibre present in fruit and vegetables. It gives you the feeling of a full stomach, slows stomach emptying and it’s usually the part of the plant that supplies vitamins and mineral

It good for your gums and teeth, it helps with digestion and feeds your gut bacteria.

There is also resistant starch which is present in high fibre products like beans, pulses and natural whole grains and because of it being harder to digest it get’s down to the lower part of the digestive tract (colon), WHERE IT FEEDS YOUR GUT BACTERIA.

   Boosting healthy gut bacteria. Very beneficial to both physical and mental health.

Healthy gut bacteria are very beneficial to both physical and mental health. Reheating starches like pasta or toasted bread from the freezer, the molecules reconfigure themselves and become more resistant, which allows them to travel further in your gut to feed the army of good bacteria that gives you protection inside.

Tests on obese patients who altered their diets have shown amazing results within a fortnight. Seven patients made changes to their diets as requested and chose to have more green carbohydrates, they had also formed a chat team to exchange recipes.

They found it convenient and there were no reported feelings of hunger.

The diabetics had improved their blood sugar so much one of them was in part remission.

In 14 days his type 2 diabetes, which he had had for over 16 years, was hardly detectable, which in itself is pretty amazing.

Out of the 7 obese patients nearly all of them lost 7 pounds (over 3 kg).

The Truth About Carbs, with Dr Xand van Tulleken, is on BBC One at 20:00 on Wednesday 6 June.