Chicken Recipes.

                         CHICKEN RECIPES.

                                   THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF EATING CHICKEN.

Chicken Recipes for whichever you prefer. Whether you would rather chicken soup, grilled or roast chicken breast, or just chicken protein powder, chicken breast is lean, nutritious, as well as tasting great.

It provides us with ample nutrients including protein, vitamins, and a lot more.

Skinless chicken is  perfect for the balanced diet, so be sure to have some. Chicken has overtaken beef as the most popular meat in the country.

There are plenty more health benefits to eating chicken.

Chicken  provides us with plenty of protein and amino acids.

                                                    PLENTY OF PROTEIN.

100 grams of cooked skinless, chicken breast, provides us with 31 grams of protein. Just over 50% of the daily recommended amount!

additionally the proteins contain all of the important amino acids like tryptophan

which creates relaxing mood. Tryptophan is also found in banana’s. You don’t see depressed monkey’s…..

Also found in turkey. Hence the relaxation after a heavy Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner.


Another amino acid in chicken is isoleucine. Assists with wound healing and recovery, growth after exercise. Stabilization  of blood sugar levels. Threonine is another amino acid in chicken, which helps maintain the central nervous system as well as the cardiovascular and immune system.

Chicken provides all nine essential amino acids. These are only obtained through diet as they are to synthesized by our bodies.

AMINO ACIDS: Chicken is the most efficient in protein and providing more of the 9 essential amino acids per amount.

PHOSPHOROUS: This magnificent meat also provides phosphorous for bones and teeth. supports the kidney’s and liver.